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What’s first? Designer or a Builder?
If you design a home but can’t afford to build it, you waste time. You will feel let down. So, find a Builder first. At Countryside Homes, we help you Plan,Design, and Build your home.

First Concern is Finding a Competent Builder. Look for a Builder with references. You should view and admire their work first-hand. Trust is important. This is probably one of your largest life purchases. Next is getting a fair price. Price is important, but getting a competent and trustworthy builder with a good reputation is even more important. This way, you know you are getting Quality at a good price.

Is it important to like my Builder?
Yes. You will be spending four to nine months working on planning, designing, and building your new home. Do you respect his values? When he’s building your home, he will be making judgement calls. When it comes to your home, you want to know his choices will have your best interests in mind, not a quick profit.

Should I use a fixed price or Cost Plus?
On a fixed price, you will possibly pay more because the builder is taking all the risk of rising material and labor costs. A Cost Plus home puts that responsibility on you regarding cost changes. If you like what you have seen from the builder’s homes and you know what you want, then a fixed price is probably right for you. Cost Plus is great for larger projects and allows for changes during the build.

What’s the First Step?
Financing is the first step. If you need financing, talk with an experienced mortgage lender. This way, you can make good decisions on how, what and where to build.

Do You Like Surprises?
If the Builders allowances are too low and you haven’t decided on all the details prior to starting construction, surprises will be around the corner. Not the good kind of surprises usually. Builders who quote lower prices have very low allowances and lead to miscalculations, resulting in unseen costs and “surprises”.

Should I design my home for resale in mind?
Yes. An experienced builder will guide you through the design process and help protect your investment.

How much do you charge per square foot?
It’s not the right question, usually. There are four things that contribute to the cost of a home: level of finish, size, components, and complexity of the house. If you know a builder’s quality, finishes, and the added spaces such as porches, garages, etc., it’s okay to ask for a specific builder’s price range per square foot.

Do I buy a lot?
No. Call your builder first. The house you want may not fit.The soil may be unsuitable, a water meter may not be available, or zoning and resale value for the area may be issues. Ask your builder before buying a lot.

How many bids should I get?
Do your research first. Narrow your search to just a few builders. Quality custom home builders often don’t bid their jobs against other builders. They make a connection with the client, discuss their fee structure, and demonstrate their competency and experience.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff?
Picking the right builder and trusting they will keep your interest in mind makes it all worthwhile in the end.